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Unique Clear Quartz necklace

Length: 41cm
optional Length: 43cm with double S-closure
Please leave a note if you need the double S-closure
*Sandy is wearing the length 41cm 
Color: 925 silver closure 

Clear Quartz
‘Let me neutralize your thoughts to help you see clearly. I will raise your energy flow to get rid of negativity and old patterns that keep you small. Together we enhance your intuition and connect to your higher self.'

Affirmation: "I am pure, beautiful, radiant light."

Soul: improves memory, revives forgotten skills
Mind: enhances self-knowledge, breaks up mental limitations, and increases clear thinking
Body: raises energy flow; harmonizes the cerebral hemispheres; fortifies nerves and glands; reduces pain and swellings
Chakra: 7th - Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

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