All gemstones of crystalline structures are made from a mixture of different elemental minerals, they have a definite and regular internal atomic structure, like an energetic signature; whereby they carry energies that can positively impact us. Through skin contact, the atomic order inside the gemstone interacts with our molecular system and helps contain or build coherence. Like magnets, they use energy to attract or repel thereby interacting with your energy field, known as chakras, and help to move, vibrate, transform and shift energies that might have been blocked. The effects can be mental and physical. Feeling more balanced, energized, vital up to a better stress response, improved circulation, relief inflammation, or headache prevention. Scientifically speaking there is no proof to back claims as yet. Maybe the subtle world does not get measured by our known standards.
But the placebo effect was recognized as ‘real’. And we all notice - “Where attraction goes energy flows” - So by looking at a crystal, bringing awareness into the present, and setting an intention we plant a seed that will affect us and the environment we are in.
Use the tool to feel how connected you are with the earth and with the stars.

↠ We acknowledge that holistic healing takes more than one approach. Like it takes many perspectives for the big picture - We don't claim to cure diseases. ↞


‘A gem picked by hand is a physical impulse, and through the eyes, the soul has chosen.’

When in doubt, ask yourself:
- Does a certain color catch your attention at the moment?
- What topic do I like to work on?
- What would I like to strengthen?
- Which seed do I like to plant?
- What do I want to let go off?
- Which chakra would I like to support?

For most accuracy - trust your intuition


    ‘I bring you inner peace and highly calming energy. I help you to overcome pain, grief, and losses. I guide you back to your spiritual centre and your purpose in life.’

    Affirmation: “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

    Soul: strengthen intuition, improves peaceful sleep, helps deal with grief and losses
    Mind: enhances conscious perception and deeper understanding
    Body: helps with headaches; supports lungs, and respiratory tract; strengthens the nervous system
    Chakra: 7th - Sahasrara - Crown Chakra


    'I will protect you. I will help you consciously process your life experiences so you can cultivate mental maturity, inner stability, and a sense of reality. I bring balance in your auric field, your energetic body.'

    Affirmation: "I am held and secure."

    Soul: provides protection, warmth, and security
    Mind: enhances a sense of reality; pragmatic thinking, easy resolution of problems
    Body: good for the eyes, hollow organs like stomach and intestines; supports blood vessels and tissues. Protective stone in pregnancy.
    Chakra: 1st - Muladhara - root chakra


    ‘I will clear out everything that does not serve you anymore so you can gain fresh energy and vitality. When moving through a time of transition and change, I will help you to make peace with your past to look forward to the future with courage.’

    Affirmation: “I express my inner wisdom with courage and clarity.”

    Soul: grants endurance, discipline, and lightheartedness
    Mind: clears up confusion, helps to bring unfinished tasks to a conclusion
    Body: harmonises the pituitary and thyroid glands; helps with autoimmune disease and allergies, hay fever; improves eyesight if short-sighted or far-sighted.
    Chakra: 5th - Vishuddha - Throat Chakra


    ‘I will help you find confidence within yourself. I will unleash your creative potential so you can lean into the flow of life with courage and vitality.
    I will strengthen your willpower so you can fearlessly take action to pursue your goals while boosting your physical energy & aliveness.’

    Affirmation: “I release control and surrender to the flow of life.”

    Soul: nurtures vitality, courage, stability, and good moods
    Mind: promotes idealism, a sense of community, and pragmatism
    Body: improves the quality of the blood; stimulates the small intestine, metabolism, circulation, and blood flow
    Chakra: 2nd - Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra


    ‘I will unleash your creativity and cultivate joy, love, and kindness. Communication will flow and your self-confidence strengthens.’ 

    Affirmation: “I find my voice.”

    Soul: enhances rhetoric and self-expression
    Mind: aids listening, understanding, and communicating
    Body: promotes the flow of lymph, helps thyroid gland, kidneys, and bladder; supports with hoarseness, colds, and allergies, reduces blood pressure and fever
    Chakra: 5th - Vishuddha - Throat Chakra


    ‘I will bring you bright energy, success, and prosperity. I will help you to elevate your self-esteem and self-worth and give you the courage to face life and to find the power within.‘

    Affirmation: “I am the power.” 

    Soul: promotes the desire for new experiences, helps deal with depression
    Mind: promotes determination and ability to face confrontation; helps with depression; aids self-expression, encourages extroversion
    Body: strengthens nerves, enhances performance; stimulates digestion, supports the stomach, spleen, and pancreas
    Chakra:  3rd - Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra


    ‘Let me neutralise your thoughts to help you see clearly. I will raise your energy flow to get rid of negativity and old patterns that keep you small. Together we enhance your intuition and connect to your higher self.’

    Affirmation: “I am pure, beautiful, radiant light.”

    Soul: improves memory, revives forgotten skills
    Mind: enhances self-knowledge, breaks up mental limitations, and increases clear thinking
    Body: raises energy flow; harmonises the cerebral hemispheres; fortifies nerves and glands; reduces pain and swellings
    Chakra: 7th - Sahasrara - Crown Chakra


    ‘I will help you to flush out old emotions to make more space to focus and concentrate so you can accomplish and invite what you really like.’

    Affirmation: “I stay flexible.”

    Soul: emotionally stabilising, provides self-confidence, and clarifies confusion
    Mind: helps to connect dots and to let go of fixed ideas; helps with learning and concentration disorder 
    Body: good for bones and teeth; makes joints flexible; eases allergies
    Chakra: 5th - Vishuddha - Throat Chakra

  • JADE

    ‘I am a lucky stone. I will bring harmony into your life, mind, body & soul. I am here to bring you to ease and to attract peace into your life.'

    Affirmation: “I am at ease.” 

    Soul: maintains a balance between work and rest
    Mind: aids self-realisation with great ease
    Body: regulates the nerves, kidneys, and adrenal glands; maintains water, mineral, and acid-base balance
    Chakra: 4th - Anahata - Heart Chakra


    ‘I embody your vibration of truth and enlightenment and express it through clear communication. I will enhance your visionary ability and boost your imagination. I will help you to leave your emotional baggage behind and strengthen your intuition.’

    Affirmation: “I am aligned with my deepest truth.”

    Soul: promotes genuineness through honesty and helps gain control over one’s life
    Mind: gets rid of negative thoughts; helps to open up and accept a different point of view
    Body: helps with problems of the throat, larynx, voice binder - especially if caused through repressed anger; help regulates the function of the thyroid gland
    Chakra: 6th - Ajna - Third eye


    ‘I will teach you to open up and find the meaning and purpose of your “true self.” Let me help to enlighten your mind and inspire your mood to love yourself and others more and more. Allow me to show you the depth of your feelings to calm, heal, and be aware.’

    Affirmation: “I allow the depth of my feelings.”

    Soul: supports to transform of grief, loss, and pain
    Mind: helps resolve unresolved conflicts
    Body: regulates fluid and hormone balance; good for the eyes, ears, jaw, and teeth; helps with migraine
    Chakra: 4th - Anahata - Heart Chakra, 6th - Ajna - Third eye, 7th - Sahasrara - Crown Chakra


    ‘I will give you stability when the wind of change blows. I will help you to dive deep into meditation to refocus your goals and to harmonize the vibration of your soul with your auric field.’

    Affirmation: “I maintain calm in uncertain times.”

    Soul: harmonizing and calming; supports holding focus
    Mind: helps with mental restlessness and sleep disorder
    Body: stimulates blood circulation; increases potency; helps with depression and burnout
    Chakra: 3rd - Manipura - Solar Plexus


    ‘I connect between your heart and your will so that you can act out from a place of love and kindness. When your actions are aligned with the guidance of the heart you will choose the highest good in every situation. I will empower your willpower in the service of love.’

    Affirmation: “I act from the wisdom of my heart.”

    Soul: makes it easier to accept oneself and others
    Mind: helps to accept unpleasant truths and enhances receptive abilities
    Body: stimulates fat metabolism and flushing out toxins; activates renewal process of cells
    Chakra: 3rd - Manipura - Solar Plexus , 4th - Anahata - Heart Chakra


    ‘I will help you to get in touch with previous emotions and memories. For better communication and psychic awareness. To feel more connected and grounded. I will help you to live your true identity and to remain functional in extreme situations.’

    Affirmation: “I am acting in the light of consciousness.”

    Soul: helps remain functional in extreme situations; refocus on life-fulfilling vocation
    Mind: promotes a logical way of thinking and resolute action
    Body: relieves hoarseness and problems of the larynx; good for the motor nerves and dexterity; treats muscular disorders, fevers, thyroid, and adrenals; it is a natural pain reliever
    Chakra: 6th - Ajna - Third eye / 5th - Vishuddha - Throat Chakra


    ‘I will connect you with the cycle of the moon to find deeper sensual feminine energy. I will wash away the old to create space for the new - to manifest your inner growth in the outside world. I will provide you with calmness and stabilise your emotions.‘

    Affirmation: “I am divine Intuition.”

    Soul: connects with intuition; intensifies the depth of feeling; helps to remember dreams, supports lucid dreaming
    Mind: promotes clarity of the mind and inner vision; makes receptive to inspiration and impulses
    Body: brings hormonal cycles in harmony with the cycle of the moon; enhances fertility; helps with problems during menstruation, after childbirth, and menopause
    Chakra: 2nd - Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra/7th - Sahasrara - Crown Chakra
    Note: if worn on the neck it has a positive impact on the thyroid gland and the hormonal balance


    ‘I bring peace and stability to your emotional body. I will light you up and liberate you from pressure and strain. I release deep-seated fear and stress to expand your personal space and growth.’

    Affirmation: “I am free, I am letting go.”

    Soul: frees from heaviness, pressure, and strain
    Mind: enhances consciousness, promotes communication and an aware mind
    Body: cleanses tissues, lymph, and respiratory tract; helps with cough, colds, stubborn infections and reduces fever
    Chakra: 4th - Anahata - Heart Chakra


    ‘I will bring you self-love and support your emotional healing from childhood wounds or past lives. I will help you to get in touch with your inner child and remind you that you are a free, loving being with an infinite capacity to grow and learn.‘ 

    Affirmation: “I see love and light in everything.” 

    Soul: pushes vitality and cheerfulness; enhances sexuality and eroticism
    Mind: makes active and dynamic for faster results to realise ideas
    Body: boosts circulation, increases blood pressure, and helps with abdominal pains and migraine
    Chakra:4th - Anahata - Heart Chakra


    ‘I am unconditional love. I will purify your heart to encourage self-love and compassion to help heal difficult relationships, trauma, and emotional wounds.’

    Affirmation: “I love myself unconditionally.”

    Soul: increases empathy; promotes self-love and sensibility
    Mind: relieves worries; illuminates personal needs and the desires of others 
    Body: harmonises heartbeat and promotes strengthening of sexual organs and fertility
    Chakra: 4th - Anahata - Heart Chakra

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