About our journey

We are Juli and Sandy - there always was a fascination for gemstones, but our crystal journey together started in autumn 2019 after visiting a healer - and since then hasn't stopped. We opened up to a room of energies and vibrations that had never been that visible to us. We noticed how gems could help us move energies and blockades out of our body and how we activated certain parts that had been waiting to be awakened. 

The idea of wearing crystals not just as jewelry but further as a support for healing became more and more vivid.

We realized that creating with our hands gives us great peace and pleasure. First for ourselves, then for family and friends, and now we are here to serve and hope to bring more beauty and resonance into the world. May you witness what is there behind the surface of our creations - the power within.

Energy doesn't lie and never gets lost either - it just transforms.