Two women and one vision become many expressions

All you see is handmade by us in Hamburg and therefore unique. Combined with pure intentions for seeing the invisible and experiencing the unknown.

Empower the Goddess within


Something new is waiting for you.We are very excited to drop our... 

made with love

Handmade in Hamburg

We are Juli & Sandy - all you see is handmade by us in Hamburg. Creating with our hands gives us great peace and pleasure. Each creation is made to order and customized to your individual needs. Feel the love for detail, time, and passion in every piece. 

925 silver/ gold plated

High Quality

All stones are carefully selected and sorted. We use robust, high-quality goldsmith wire to create long-lasting creations - variations are 925 silver or 925 silver gold plated.

just like you


Every creation we make is unique - just like you: we work with natural materials - no two are alike. Value diversity and trust that you get what you need.

Because we care


Your order comes with a jewelry box, filled with beautiful dried flowers and a crystal card explaining the healing powers of your crystal. 

See wonderful wildflowers grow from your intentions - using our seed paper to keep minimal waste.

Our jewelry boxes are FSC® certified paper, and our padded shipping bags are 100% recycled paper.

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Our vision is to connect with the magic of gemstones and enhance awareness of the subtle world that holds all possibilities and the highest potential.

We are here to support each other and create a community, a safe space where creative expression rules all forms.

We commit to awakening the world by allowing borders to be open and fluid for expansion so transformation can flourish.

Let us add value to the world by treating ourselves and others with respect, love, and compassion.

Let’s all have a good journey while walking each other home.


I am a loved and luminous being.
I am whole just the way I am.
I am light, I am divine.
I carry all the wisdom within me and need nothing external to be complete.

Yes - we believe in magic and yes - we love crystals, but more important is that we see you as a whole and complete being, and we honor your trust and time. Buying a product of any kind will never make you a more valued human. So even if you are just here to say hi, share a thought, or join us on our journey to raise human consciousness - it is all much appreciated. You are welcome.

Unique crystal rings

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  • The circle of infinity

    - out of which everything is created and will merge again.

    A flow that if followed without attachment leads you into the here and now.

    Inspired by the rhythm of life, the seasons, the stars and all creation.

    A shared consciousness - a feeling - an instinct.

    Connect with your roots, be still and listen to remember.

    Open up to the room of miracles and witness.


We are the sum of our experiences and depending on where we are on our journey, gemstones and crystals can support us by strengthening, maintaining, cultivating parts you want to contain, or cleansing out energies and belief systems that are no longer serving you.

The human experience is an act of balance. Thoughts become matter and like crystals, we are formed by time, pressure, and the environment we are in. If we seek change on the outside, let's start focusing on the inside.
You will witness - the energy of gemstones is one, that finds us when needed the most.

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