Why Satanama?

Why Satanama?

The meaning of Satanama

SA -  birth
TA -  life
NA -  death
MA -  rebirth

The circle of infinity - out of which everything is created and will merge again. A flow that if followed without attachment leads you into the here and now. Inspired by the rhythm of life, the seasons, the stars and all creation.
A shared consciousness - a feeling - a truth.

Connect with your roots, become still and listen to remember for seeing the invisible and experiencing the unknown.

Sa Ta Na Ma is an ancient Sanskrit chant that carries vibrations containing sacred energy. It arises from the fundamental Kundalini seed-mantra ‘Sat Nam’ which is commonly translated as ‘truth (is my/our) identity’. Like an atom being broken into its nuclear parts, ‘Sat Nam’ being the atom and ‘Sa Ta Na Ma ‘ being the thread that creates the total sum consisting of all elements.

The mantra is used in meditation to recreate the natural harmonious flow of life. It helps you to unleash attachment and to surrender and welcome what crosses your way.

The mantra balances the five elements to give you an experience of your own boundlessness.

Five Elements (Tattvas)
1. Earth, to exist
2. Water, to expand
3. Fire, to be alive
4. Air, dreams come true
5. Ether, to know the unknown

We call Satanama, because for us it is a beautiful way to subconsciously manifest the vibration of the mantra whenever said or thought; and thereby raising your vibration.

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