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Unique Disthene & Clear Quartz necklace

Length: 38cm
optional Length: 40cm with double S-closure (as pictured)
Please leave a note if you need the double S-closure

*Juli is wearing the length 38cm 
Color: gold closure | 925 silver gold plated

Disthene (Kyanit)
‘I will help you to get in touch with previous emotions and memories. For better communication and psychic awareness. To feel more connected and grounded. I will help you to live your true identity and to remain functional in extreme situations.’

Affirmation: “ I am acting in the light of consciousness.”

Chakra: 6th - Ajna - Third Eye 

The Clear Quartz strengthens and supports the vibrancy of the Gemstone. It helps to clarify your field and activate your higher perception.

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