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I will help you to get in touch with previous emotions and memories. For better communication and psychic awareness. To feel more connected and grounded. I will help you to live your true identity and to remain functional in extreme situations.’

Affirmation: “I am acting in the light of consciousness.”

Soul: helps remain functional in extreme situations; refocus on life-fulfilling vocation
Mind: promotes a logical way of thinking and resolute action
Body: relieves hoarseness and problems of the larynx; good for the motor nerves and dexterity; treats muscular disorders, fevers, thyroid, and adrenals; it is a natural pain reliever.
Chakra: 6th - Ajna - Third eye / 5th - Vishuddha - Throat Chakra

Materials & Production

Our necklaces
are made out of 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver gold plated

Our earring creoles are 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver 18K gold plated

Our charms are 925 silver gold plated

Each piece is combined by hand from us in Hamburg/Germany, energetically charged and full with love


Our necklaces come in two sizes
I. 38-40cm
II. 41-43cm

Our earrings, charms and bellychains come in different sizes, please have a look at each product

Each piece is handmade and therefore unique - slight differences in length and appearance are possible

Please note - you won't receive the exact products pictured

Care Instructions

Following advices for a long and sustainable life of your precious jewelry:

- remove before bathing and sleeping
- apply skin products, like creams and perfume before putting on Satanama products


DHL Standard: 3-5 days 
DHL - 5,49 € → 2 kg insured until 500 €

DHL Standard : 3-7 business days
DHL - 13,99 € → 2 kg insured until 500€

International including: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus), Austria

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