All gemstones of crystalline structures are made from a mixture of different elemental minerals, they have a definite and regular internal atomic structure, like an energetic signature; whereby they carry energies that can positively impact us. Through skin contact, the atomic order inside the gemstone interacts with our molecular system and helps contain or build coherence. Like magnets, they use energy to attract or repel thereby interacting with your energy field, known as chakras, and help to move, vibrate, transform and shift energies that might have been blocked. The effects can be mental and physical. Feeling more balanced, energized, vital up to a better stress response, improved circulation, relief inflammation, or headache prevention. Scientifically speaking there is no proof to back claims as yet. Maybe the subtle world does not get measured by our known standards.
But the placebo effect was recognized as ‘real’. And we all notice - “Where attraction goes energy flows” - So by looking at a crystal, bringing awareness into the present, and setting an intention we plant a seed that will affect us and the environment we are in.
Use the tool to feel how connected you are with the earth and with the stars.

↠ We do not intend to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease ↞